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Onsite Computer Cleaning

Las Vegas Computer Cleaning

Ray's Mobile Onsite Computer Repair offers a mobile computer cleaning service. We will thoroughly clean your computer, inside and outside. When we are finished, we will re-connect everything and verify that all of your computer accessories are working properly.

You should clean your PC regularly because:

  • Regular Cleaning Prevents Physical Damage
  • Regular Cleaning Allows System to Run More Smoothly
  • Dirty Computers that Continue to Run are Unsafe and a Potential Fire Hazard
  • Dust and Debris that Accumulate Inside a PC are a Potential Bio-Hazard (see below)

The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your PC !

For an automobile, the single most important thing you can do for your car, to keep it working properly for a long time, is keep the engine clean (which includes regular oil changes). For a computer, the single most important thing you can do is keep dust (dirt, hair, skin cells, bacteria, bugs, pollen, etc.) from accumulating inside of your computer. If you allow this to happen, it can severely decrease the lifespan of your computer.

The number one killer of computer hardware is heat. When dust and debris accumulate inside of your PC, the flow of air is disrupted dramatically, increasing the amount of heat inside of your computer. The number two killer of computer hardware is static discharge. Static buildup, inside of your computer, also increases with additional dust and debris.

Below are pictures illustrating why it is important to schedule regular cleanings of your computer.

These images show how case fans can get severely clogged with debris, preventing heat from being properly expelled from the inside of the computer case.
These images show how dirty the inside of your computer can become if you don't have your computer cleaned regularly. This can cause physcal damage to components, which can be expensive to replace.
These images show bacteria and other debris commonly found in the dust that collects inside of computers, magnified under a high-powered microscope.
These are images of dust mites. More dust means more mites!

Onsite computer cleaning for one computer is $75. Additional computers at the same location are only $25 per additional PC.

Drop-off and pick-up computer cleaning (you drop it off for cleaning, then pick it up when complete) for one computer is $50. Additional computers are only $20 per additional PC. There is usually a 24 hour turnaround. Often you can pick up your computer on the same day or even within the hour, depending on our current workload.

The pricing structure for our onsite computer cleaning service, illustrated in the chart below, is perfect for either a single computer such as a residential computer or POS station, or multiple computers such as for small or large businesses. See the pricing chart below illustrating this. (Note: The pricing on additional computers assumes computers are located in the same general area as inital PC.)

No. PCs Pricing Average Cost Per PC Total Cost
1 $75 $75.00 $75.00
2 $75 + (1 X $25) $50.00 $100.00
3 $75 + (2 X $25) $41.67 $125.00
4 $75 + (3 X $25) $37.50 $150.00
5 $75 + (4 X $25) $35.00 $175.00
6 $75 + (5 X $25) $33.33 $200.00
7 $75 + (6 X $25) $32.14 $225.00
8 $75 + (7 X $25) $31.25 $250.00
9 $75 + (8 X $25) $30.56 $275.00
10 $75 + (9 X $25) $30.00 $300.00
etc etc etc etc    

If you order our Onsite computer repair service, we will clean your PC for free while we are Onsite. (One computer cleaning per repair.)

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