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Virus & Spyware Removal

Las Vegas Compter Laptop Repair Virus Spyware Removal

If you have a virus, spyware, worm or other malware, Ray's Mobile Onsite Computer Repair can help!

We also offer antivirus software installation (either a free version, such as Microsoft Security Essentials or an antivirus software program you have purchased).

Onsite virus and spyware removal is $99. Drop-off and pick-up virus and spyware removal is only $75.

Onsite antivirus installation is $75. Drop-off and pick-up antivirus installation is only $50.

Typical Scenario:

You've installed that free, full-featured demo of your favorite video game you downloaded from Limewire or another file-sharing web site. You forgot to scan the file before double-clicking on it, or you scanned the file with virus software that wasn't up-to-date. You can never get the game to install correctly. Oh well. No worries.

All of a sudden, some annoying little issues start to "pop-up" in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. "Warning! Danger! ... Your virus software has expired!" it screams at you. "Click here to fix!"

You click on the link. It takes you to a web page advertising a new product you simply must have to be protected from the latest dangers. It is called "Anti-Virus Pro 2012" (this is just an example, they could have many different names, and the scenarios may differ slightly).

All the great features are listed on the web page. "Only $49.99" says the web page. "Hmmmm ... " you think. "I suppose that isn't too bad, if I consider the risk is losing all of my data, my identity, or worse ... "

So you get out your credit card, and punch in the numbers . . . Gotcha!!! You have just been phished, and if you're like many of us, you probably won't notice anything until you get your credit card bill. Oh, and the cost will be substantially more than $49.99, by-the-way. The pop-ups? They usually stick around and can be very difficult to remove.

If the scenario described above, or something similar, has already happened to you ... don't feel bad! It can happen to the best of us, even to experienced techs. What you can do is make sure you take adequate precautions to ensure that it does not happen again.

If you suspect you already have a virus, spyware or some other malware that has infected your computer, we can help you remove it and ensure your system is armed with the latest security measures.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (702) 542-6109 or use our contact page.

Access Ray's Mobile Onsite Computer Repair Virus & Spyware Protection Guide.

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